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Parboiled Usana – Rs 35


This variety will comprise of about 3% broken grains and an average length of 6 mm. The limit for damaged or discoloured grains is 1.5%. The grains will be silky in texture, properly milled and completely sortexed. It is safe and suitable for human consumption.



This variety of rice comprises of a uniform mixture of Swarna and IR36. IR36 is a rice variety that was developed by Dr. Khush by cross breeding IR8 with 13 parent varieties from six countries. It is a semi-dwarf rice variety with high resistance to pests and plant diseases. Swarna rice, also popular as Mansuri in Bihar, India, has short grain size. It is made from paddy cultivated in West Bengal and Bihar and processed in silky sortex form. It is a preferred rice type for Asian cuisine.


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